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Although we really hate to have to talk about some of the bad things in life, we must be sure that all adults that are getting their children in the money making ‘mode’ or children that are heading out on their own to make money realize some of the ‘things’ that could happen out in the big world. 

The best way to approach any new money making project is to think your methods through, make plans of action, and to always have a contact method if you are going to be away from your normal routine. 

Some activities and money making ideas require you leaving the house, interacting with others, and these others are most likely going to be strangers. Always take your cell phone, leave a route plan at home with others.

When you are running late, call and check in. Never get in a car with someone you don’t know, and if you are uncomfortable with a money making idea try a different one as there are many ideas that will get you the money you need, earning it yourself and while acting safely at the same time. 

Some activities and moneymaking tips may suggest that you use lawn mowers, trimmers, machinery, and such. Every type of machine has an owner’s manual or instructions and you should be careful in following each safety instruction that is included with any type of machinery. Never take safety for granted, only you can make yourself safe by following instructions and safety tips included with the machinery. 

Care should be taken when working with chemicals, talking with strangers, working with machinery and when you must be out of the house after dark. Gloves, hats, safety goggles, reflectors and other types of general safety equipment should be something that you will have to investigate when starting any type of new job, money making idea, or when starting out in your own business. You must learn to be responsible for yourself. 

Depending on how old you are, some activities will be more suited for someone young, someone older and all those in between. Choose a money making activity that is going to be in your skill set so you can ‘do your job’ properly and so you can have fun while earning cash at the same time. 

If you are going to ‘supply’ an item, or if you have an obligation to ‘do something’ at certain times, be sure to always keep your customers happy – this is one trick in making money, by not letting your customers down. When your customers are not happy, they will find other places to get what they want. 

Check into licenses or permits that could be needed in your area for certain activities. Not every location is the same, and each town will have different ordinances or laws, keep your business running smoothly by obtaining the licenses and permits you need from the start. 

Do not infringe on someone else’s rights. For example, you shouldn’t be sitting in from of the fruit market selling apples, unless the owner says you can. Just be careful where you are doing business or you can make more enemies than you will customers. 

If you need special permission from your parents to work in any job, be sure to ask them about what they think. You never know, they might even be able to help you along and get the spot that you wanted, the inventory you need, or a connection that can help your career!

If you are going to be a lifeguard, babysitters, dog watcher or any type of service oriented person, you will want to get the needed certification so that you are always safe, and so that the services you are providing are safe – you will make more money this way as well!

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