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In every town, in every city, and even in the rural areas of the country, newspapers must be delivered by someone to spread the news of the day. Every newspaper that is delivered through the countryside or that is put on the doorstep is making money for someone, and that someone can be you! You can make money by taking on a newspaper route.

One thing that is important with this job is that you are able to get up early in the morning and meet the required schedule. Most all newspaper are to be delivered before seven a.m. but some could be earlier.  There are weekly newspapers, daily newspapers and special flyers.  Check with your local newspaper and see if there is an opening or check the classifieds where they often list their routes that are open.

You can deliver newspapers on foot, by bike, or sometimes by car. Depending on how long of a route and how many papers you have will determine what method of transportation you need to have.  You can make anywhere from fifty dollars to seven hundred dollars or more a month, but this still depends on how many days a week you deliver, how many papers you deliver and what your areas going rates are.

Taking care of your customers is going to be a first on your list of responsibilities. If an elderly person canít get out of their house, putting their paper between the doors may be needed. If it is raining outside, you may need to put your newspapers in a baggy before delivering them.

You can get tips and gifts on the holidays from your customers if you have been delivering all year, and if you have been nice to them. Thank you cards or holiday cards can be delivered with the newspaper to show your continued appreciation.

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