Make money kids

 Kids guide to making money


The Basics

Be safe


Send in ideas


Ideas to make money

Acting on television
Aquarium business
Baby-sit on the beach
Baking cakes
Baking cookies
Bottle art
Business research
Children’s parties
Christmas trees and holiday decorations
Clean computers
Cleaning gutters
Collect and sell seashells
Collecting balls
Competitions and shows
Computer problems
Deliver newspapers
Delivering advertising services
Design web sites
Drawing cartoons
Family business
Fruit sales
Get good grades
Gift jars
Gift wrapping
Give foot massages
Golf caddy
Graphic designs
Greeting cards
Growing houseplants
Hair salon work
House cleaning
House sitting
Ironing service
Jar displays
Laundry services
Make and sell bracelets
Make and sell pressed flower pictures
Making bookmarks
Making signs
Metal detecting
Movie extras
Mowing grass
Organize a competition
Paint nails
Polishing and buffing
Pool cleaning
Raking leaves
Read to children
Refreshment stand
Resell magazines
Seasonal chores
Sell artwork
Sell at a local fair
Sell coins
Sell collectibles
Sell computers
Sell fresh flowers
Sell newspaper stories
Sell parking spaces
Sell programs at summer events
Sell stamps
Sell stuff from trips
Sell trading cards
Sell unwanted items
Serve at parties
Set up a garage sale
Shopping assistant
Shopping service
Shoveling snow
Standing in line
Street performer
Street singing
Take digital pictures and sell online
Take photos of ball teams
Teach sports
Teach roller skating - roller blading
Teach swimming
Upgrade computers
Walk children to school
Walking dogs
Wash cars and detailing
Washing windows
Word processing and typing
Work at the grocery store
Work for your parents
Work in a ticket booth
Work in concession stands
Yet more ideas

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