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A few word of warning for your safety

The Basics Here are the basic facts for success in your job hunting


The Basics

Be safe


Send in ideas


You know you want a job, you know you want to earn money but how are you going to set about making some money. At Make Money Kids you will find a host of ideas to help you find a job in your area to start making money.

So how are you going to pick from all of these different ideas? Start by reading through the site and bookmark the pages that interest you the most. 

Then after you have gone through the entire site, you can go back and narrow down your choices. Take for example, If one of your choices is selling seashells, but you live fifty miles from the beach, you will need to discover how you can get seashells, how you can do it cheap and what are your other options. 

Some ideas are obviously for geographical locations, others are for those who are very outgoing, and some are for those of you who want to work and make money from home.

Start by reading the basics and of course always bear in mind your safety

Most of all Good Luck!

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