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The Basics

Be safe


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The basics 

Finding the job to suit your needs – income, skills, and location is not as hard as what you really might be thinking. Your own creative skills and ideas is what you are going to put into motion to start earning you cash!

What are the basics of success? No matter what idea that most interests you – you need to follow the basic rules for success in dealing with people both young and old. 

Be on time – always arrive when you say you will 

Keep track – always know where you should be and when use a calendar

Do the job – do the job you say you can do and never quit

Be careful – often you are dealing with other people’s possessions

Do act your age – be nice and use your manners 

Be personable – don’t pretend to be too formal, this could dampen your personalized service. People want personalized service, which is why they came to you to begin with. 

Be open and honest – if something comes up and you can’t make an appointment, call as soon as possible and let your customer know, they will welcome your honesty

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